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Our Best Price Guarantee

Have you found a lower price than ours for the same product? If so, we would like the opportunity to beat the price you've found. Please email our sales team at with the URL of the lower priced product and all the information related to the opportunity, we will email you back with a promotion code and a lower price!

Please make sure you include the URL where you have seen the lower price, the products you would like to purchase as well as the quantities for each item.


How Can We Offer Such Low Prices?

There are 3 main reasons our prices are so low.

1 - The vendors themselves support the reseller channel, and for this reason it's not advantageous for them to undercut prices as their reseller channel could then no longer exist. Resellers are a large portion of their sales.

2 - Our high volume allows us to get the best costs on these products and pass these lower costs onto our clients.

3 - System automation, less human involvement to place orders means less overhead. Our ordering system is completely automated and will transfer the orders directly into the vendors ordering system for completion.

It's that simple. So go ahead and buy from us with confidence.


Domain Name Registration Inc is a CIRA certified registrar for .ca domain names and we offer domain name registration for all popular TLDs including .com, .net, .org, .info, . biz, .xxx plus many more. Each domain comes with free domain privacy protection and free DNS management.

SSL Certificates

We offer a variety of SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer certificates) from all leading SSL authorities including Symantec (Verisign), GeoTrust, Comodo, RapidSSL, Trustwave and Thawte. SSL certificates are designed to keep your website traffic encrypted and secure and are also the safest way to ensure data protection.

Canadian Web Hosting Services

We provide professional web hosting packages designed to service a variety of web hosting requirements. Our web hosting plans feature cPanel administration, email, MySQL, Fantastico, Wordpress, Joomla, free setup and much more. All of our web hosting plans are hosted in data centers located in both Vancouver and Toronto. Support

We pride ourselves on providing high quality support to our customers. We provide multiple avenues for help including a ticket system, phone contact, network status, and also a detailed FAQ for web hosting, domain registration, and SSL Certificates.