Installing an SSL Certificate: Exchange 2010

1. Place a copy of your ssl certificate on your exchange server.

2. Open the Exchange 2010 management console located in Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

3. Expand the tree on the left side and click on 'Server Configuration', the bottom center window will list the exchange certificates (valid, expired, pending).

Exchange 2010 SSL Certificates

4. Select the pending certificate request and right click, select 'Complete Pending Request' in the 'Actions' menu.

Exchange 2010 Pending SSL Certificate

5. Browse to the location of the saved certificate on the exchange server from step 1, open the certificate file and click Complete.

6. Once back in the Exchange Server Management Console, press the F5 key to refresh the ssl certificate list.

7. Verify the ssl certificate lists 'False' under the 'Self Signed' column and that it also shows as valid for exchange server usage.

8. Next you will be able to assign services to the newly installed ssl certificate by selecting the ssl certificate and clicking 'Assign Services to Certificate' in the 'Actions' menu on the right side.

Exchange 2010 assign services to SSL Certificate

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