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How to Renew a Domain Name

In order to change any configuration options with any product or service through DOMAINScanada.ca you must first login in to the account control panel by clicking on the Manage Account button in the top right of any page. Once logged in you can you are able to renew any domain names on your account by following the steps below:

1. Select the Renew Domains Page

All domains registered under your account can be renewed from a single page by selecting the Renew Domains link found under the Domains link in the top red menu bar.

2. Select Domains Name to Renew

You have the option to renew any number of your registered domain names by checking the box to the left of each domain and then by selecting the length for the renewal. Once the domain names have been selected, simply click the Order Now button at the bottom of the page.

3. Verify Order Summary

Review your renewals on the order summary and Checkout to proceed.

4. Checkout to Complete the Order

Comfirm the payment options for the purchase and click Complete Order.

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