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COMODO® Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Comodo Multi Domain.
1 Year - $209.00 CAD


2 Years - $369.00 CAD


3 Years - $519.00 CAD


DCI SSL Rating
Site Seal included

Mobile friendly

Business Validated

Issuance 1 hour

Site seal: Dynamic

San Supoort

Warranty $250,000

Comodo Multi domain certificates (MDC) are your solutions for securing anywhere from two to 2005 domains on the same server under one SSL certificate. Consolidate your SSL management process and manage the SSL encryption for all of your domains under just one SSL certificate for multi-domains. You can start by implementing a Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificate.

An MDC is ideal for organizations with multiple unique domains hosted on a single server. You can save time and money while still providing a high level of trust and security. Compare the cost of purchasing many individual certificates to secure all your domains to purchasing a single multi-domain certificate (MD SSL) that can consolidate as many as 2005 domain names and you will see how cost effective a multi-domain certificate can be.

Note: Comodo SSL certificates now come in SAN (multi-domain) versions of up to 47 domains. If you just want the regular certificate, please leave SAN option as "0."