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.COM is the World Standard for Businesses

.COM provides businesses with a recognized, credible and dependable Web domain. The .com domain has endured as the world's premier online identity. It is the most recognized and trusted around the world.

Growing and established companies should consider .com as a way to leverage the Internet to promote their brand and open their business to new customers around the world.

Why Choose a .COM Domain?

  • The world's premier online identity.
  • Simple registration requirements.
  • The most recognized and trusted around the world.

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Registry: VeriSign
TLD Type: Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)

Open Registration: Yes
WHOIS Server: whois.internic.net
WHOIS Updates: Real-Time
Dispute Policy: ICANN
Registrant Education: ICANN Domain Registrant Education
Benefits and Responsibilities: ICANN Registrant Benefits and Responsibilities

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