Extented Validation

Fast & Easy Extended Validation (EV) SSL Approval

Validation Guidelines to Speed Issuance of Extended Validation SSL / EV SSL

Getting an Extended Validation (EV) certificate can be difficult and tedious, but our goal is to make the process as simple and quick as possible. Here are a few suggestions to make the application process easy, to expedite verification and issuance. Why EV?

Required: Extended Validation SSL agreement
The certification authority (CA), e.g. Symantec/GeoTrust/Thawte, will e-mail an Extended Validation SSL Agreement document to you. Your Organizational Contact must sign it and fax or mail it back to the CA.

Verification call
The Organizational Contact should expect a 2-minute phone call (specific questions linked below). A lag can occur here if this contact doesn't understand the importance of taking the call and that it's very short and simple. Per CA/B Forum EV guidelines, the contact must be called at a number from one of the following:

Five Verification Questions

Recommended: Professional opinion letter
Though this is not always necessary, the easiest and FASTEST way to get your certificate issued is to submit an opinion letter from an attorney or CPA practicing in one of two locations:

Alternative: Authentication requirements
If you decide against a professional opinion letter, the following describes authentication:

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