A global leader in cost effective SSL, and the world's 2nd largest provider of digital security certificates, GeoTrust® is securing online transactions for clients in over 150 countries.

GeoTrust® True BusinessID

The most secure encryption technology you can buy.
1 Year - $159.00 CAD


2 Years - $299.00 CAD


3 Years - $439.00 CAD


DCI SSL Rating
Site Seal included

Mobile friendly

Business Validated

Issuance 1 week

Site seal: Dynamic

San Supoort

Warranty $100,000

GeoTrust True BusinessID certificates are business/organization validated. Let your customers know that your site is trustworthy and that you take their security seriously enough to get your SSL from a security company. True BusinessID certificates have strong 256-bit encryption, support for 99% of browsers and mobile devices, includes the dynamic GeoTrust True Site Seal Trustmark, and is backed with a GeoTrust $250,000 warranty.

True BusinessID will secure your non-www and www domain, has unlimited server licenses, and unlimited free reissuance for the lifetime of the certificate.