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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why register with 

A. is dedicated to its customers. We will ensure you get the name you want, at a good price, and if we cannot there is no charge to you (unless you fail to accept the CIRA agreement within the allowed period of time after submitting a registration). We will answer all your requests, modifications, and questions in a timely, friendly manner.

Q. If I register a domain name do I have to use it at this time, and/or have a web site in use? Do I have to pay an Internet service provider (ISP) additional fees at this time?

A. No, you can register your domain name in Canada so no one else will take it in the future, and you do not have to use it or have it hosted by an ISP at this time. Some CIRA Registrars bundle hosting services with the registration of your name, however this is not mandatory. If you register with Inc. you can host your site anywhere you like, or you just keep the name for later use.

Q. Other than the fees outlined in your fee schedule, will there be any additional expenses to having a domain name registered?

A. No. There are no additional fees to having your domain name registered. If you are going to have an operational web site, there will be fees you have to pay your Internet service provider (ISP) for hosting services. Hosting is completely separate from domain name registration in Canada.

Q. Can I call Inc. and complete my registration over the phone if I am more comfortable with this means of communication?

A. Yes. You can reach us by telephone during regular business hours and provide us with your information and payment instructions, or you can print the ca domain name registration form from the Internet and fax it to us at (403) 291-3850.

Q. Why .CA instead of .COM?

A. There are many reasons for Canadians to choose a .CA rather than a .COM., for example it identifies you and/or your corporation as uniquely Canadian, and many names currently taken in the .COM registry are available with a .CA, and most people looking for the Canadian site of the largest global corporations will try using .CA BEFORE .COM, as they know product and service offerings often vary from country to country.

Q. Who is CIRA?

A. CIRA is the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. It is a non-profit organization mandated to operate the .CA registry of domain names.

Q. What is a domain name?

A. Domain names are familiar and easy to remember names used instead of the Internet Protocol (IP) address numbers. IP addresses are used to locate computers on the Internet.

Q. Who can register a .CA domain name?

A. .CA domain names are restricted to companies and individuals who meet the Canadian Presence Requirements outlined by CIRA. For details, please read the Canadian Presence Requirements from our Agreements page.

Q. How many domain names can I register?

A. Registrants can register an unlimited number of .CA domain names as long as they are admissible in accordance to CIRA's Registration Rules. The Registration Rules can be found on our Agreements page.

Q. Can I get a refund on a domain name that I registered, if I decide that I do not want it anymore?

A. All successful domain name registration transactions in Canada are non-refundable.

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We offer a variety of SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer certificates) from all leading SSL authorities including Symantec (Verisign), GeoTrust, Comodo, RapidSSL, Trustwave and Thawte. SSL certificates are designed to keep your website traffic encrypted and secure and are also the safest way to ensure data protection.

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We pride ourselves on providing high quality support to our customers. We provide multiple avenues for help including a ticket system, phone contact, network status, and also a detailed FAQ for web hosting, domain registration, and SSL Certificates.